At The Heirloom Cultivation Site; we are incredibly proud of our progress and quality of production! We are a fully vertically integrated facility with Cultivation, Extraction, & Commercial Kitchen all in-house! Check out some of the pictures of our flower and products; and if you are a Medical Patient, order online or dial-in to place an order for in-person or curbside pick-up!

Our state-of-the-art grow rooms bring together the best in technology and innovation; all partnered with a focus on the fundamentals of plant healthy and a clean environment. Our automation allows us to keep tight constraints and optimize plant growth from start to finish.

This all starts with quality genetics. With breeders like Cannarado, Ethos, Aficionado, Archive Seeds & more; we seek to bring you unique genetics that can cover a wide variety of desired effects. Optimizing and pheno-hunting these strains truly brings forward their essence, and maximizes terpene and cannabinoid development.

Our Fluence and Pipp Rack setup truly optimizes efficiency and light exposure. Using some LED-Only; and other HPS/LED rooms, we are able to get very impressive results in our flower and products. We are always refining; so our products get better with every batch!

Check out our Leafly Menu for Online & Curbside Pick-up at our Hadley Medical Dispensary on 4/17/20! We are ready for the 4/20 season; and look forward to seeing you soon! Sign-up for our Heirloom Newsletter for updates, product drops, and excellent content coming straight from our Cultivation Site!

The Heirloom Cultivation Site:
87 Northfield Rd.
Bernardston MA 01337
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