The careful selection of strains grown in our state-of-the-art cultivation facility ensure that you experience the benefits of true craft cannabis.

About The Heirloom Collective

At The Heirloom Collective, we seek to cultivate and offer the best quality products to our patients and customers. In our pursuit, we focus on the important fundamentals of plant health, transparency of method, and excellent customer/client service.

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Kitchen Sink

The Heirloom Collective
THC 32.7%

100mg Heirloom Cubes
(House Blend)

The Heirloom Collective
THC 88mg

Gpen Gio Vape Pods

The Heirloom Collective
THC 67.2%

Pictured: a distillate puck being dunked into our Heirloom Cube mixture 😍

Have you tried our fan-favorite edibles? Available in Original House Blend, Sour, Energy, Sleep, Micro, and Pink Lemonade, these hybrid gummies deliver bold and tasty flavors and pack a nice punch. Try them all and let us know your favorite!

Hello from cultivation 👋🌱

Our cultivation process is all about plant health from start to finish. Care and individualized treatment delivers the best possible product directly to you.

Above all else, we care about the product we’re providing our customers. Try one of our many strains at our Hadley location or a vendor near you!

Join the party! Kitchen Sink is for everybody 🤩🌱(art credits: @yoyopeople )

Try Kitchen Sink in prerolls, flower, sugar, or gio pods today! This strain is well-balanced but potent, offering strong body relaxation with cerebral clarity and uplift. Sweet and smooth notes from the Sundae Driver balance out the strong Chem aromas expressed by GMO.

@yoyopeople illustrated Kitchen Sink here perfectly: it’s a crowd pleaser meant to be shared 🌟

Have you tried our crowd favorite strain, Kitchen Sink? 🌱

Heavy in limonene and beta-caryophyllene; it's always been complimented for its balance and potent effects. Testing consistently above 30% THC; the entourage combination of the present terps and cannabinoid profile are excellent for a lasting, uplifting, and simultaneously relaxing effect. Excellent aid for pain-relief.

Try it in flower, prerolls, g pen carts, or sugar today!

Little known fact: the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is actually an eighth 🌈🌱

Brighten up your day with a trip to the Heirloom Collective. We always prioritize individualized customer service, whether you’re a cannabis expert or trying it out for the first time.

We take pride in our commitment to quality in our products including flower, prerolls, sugar, edibles, salves, and tincutres! We have something for everyone, and we’re always happy to help you try something new.

It’s almost Friday! Celebrate with Blueberry Sundae for a relaxing high and cool body buzz to carry you through the weekend.

Blueberry Sundae is a unique Sundae Driver cross is known for being excellent for pain relief and ideal for kicking back and unwinding! Pick some up from our Hadley location or a distributor near you 🫐💙

Life is better with chocolate—chocolate is better with THC.

Our Milk & Dark bars are caringly prepared and dosed in small batches to provide our customers with the best, most reliable product available. All of our chocolate is made with USDA Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher and non-GMO ingredients.

Each bar has a total of 10 pieces to total 50 mg, with every piece dosing at 5 mg. The scoring makes it easy to break off a piece or enjoy the entire thing 🍫

The wait is almost over; our chocolate bar edibles will be available at our Hadley location at the end of next week!

Sweeten up your day with Heirloom Sour Cubes 🍊🫐🍉🍋

Made with Non-GMO Ingredients, Natural Colors and Flavors, and a Broad-Spectrum Distillate, they have a Fantastic Flavor and Consistency! The flavors in this pack are blueberry, key lime, tangerine, and watermelon with a sour tang.

Each gummy is 5 milligrams of accurate dosing per cube for a total of 100 milligrams in a pack. The hybrid high delivers calm, happy, and creative effects.