We’re Happy to Be REOPENED – We Missed you!
The careful selection of strains grown in our state-of-the-art cultivation facility ensure that you experience the benefits of true craft cannabis.

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About The Heirloom Collective

At The Heirloom Collective, we seek to cultivate and offer the best quality products to our patients and customers. In our pursuit, we focus on the important fundamentals of plant health, transparency of method, and excellent customer/client service.

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Kitchen Sink

The Heirloom Collective
THC 32.7%

100mg Heirloom Cubes
(House Blend)

The Heirloom Collective
THC 88mg

Gpen Gio Vape Pods

The Heirloom Collective
THC 67.2%

Check out this gorgeous cola of Blue Steel right before it gets put to bed for the night. 🌖😌

Enjoy this wonderfully-sweet, fruity, and blueberry terp profile.

Relax, unwind, & kickback 🤙 @heirloomthc

It's a new day!

We are back OPEN in Hadley today!

We truly appreciate the patience of our customers and patients; and we look forward to seeing you again!

Onward & Upward 🤙 @heirloomthc

Have you tried Heirloom's very own strain Martian Rainbow?

Check out this beautiful rendition from @yoyopeople for some inspiration 🌈👽

Get lifted 🤙 @heirloomthc

Season's Greetings from the entire Heirloom Family! @heirloomthc

Don't forget your holiday and New Year's provisions 🤙

Check out our amazing NEW STRAIN:
Martian Rainbow 👽🌈🔥

This cacophony of in-crosses brings an incredibly unique terpene profile with wonderfully relaxing effects.

Sherbet, orange, and chem mix together for a unique strain brought to you as Heirloom's own creation.

Come scoop some 🔥 in Hadley! @heirloomthc

Have you tried the new Heirloom Peach Seasonal gummies? 🍑🔥

Try them from our retail in Hadley or at many beloved partners across the state.

An absolutely on target, delicious, ripe peach comprised using only all-natural colors and flavors.

Our Heirloom Cubes are always made with non-GMO ingredients with our broad-spectrum in house distillate.

Always elevating the game 🤙 @heirloomthc

Have you tried Heirloom GG4 S1 or our new strain Duct Tape? 🌱

Both of these strains truly orbit a wonderful terpene profile that brings forward limonene as a feature.

Uplifting, focused, and cerebral. Floral and complex; these are great strains to invigorate and enhance your experience.

Try the Heirloom difference 🤙 @heirloomthc

Beautiful rows of praying ladies 🤙 @heirloomthc

Good cannabis requires detailed attention from start to finish. Happy plants; happy people.

Come try the difference 🤙 @heirloomthc