The careful selection of strains grown in our state-of-the-art cultivation facility ensure that you experience the benefits of true craft cannabis.

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About The Heirloom Collective

At The Heirloom Collective, we seek to cultivate and offer the best quality products to our patients and customers. In our pursuit, we focus on the important fundamentals of plant health, transparency of method, and excellent customer/client service.

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Kitchen Sink

The Heirloom Collective
THC 32.7%

100mg Heirloom Cubes
(House Blend)

The Heirloom Collective
THC 88mg

Gpen Gio Vape Pods

The Heirloom Collective
THC 67.2%

Beautiful rows of praying ladies 🤙 @heirloomthc

Good cannabis requires detailed attention from start to finish. Happy plants; happy people.

Come try the difference 🤙 @heirloomthc

Check out this trichome forrest growing on King's Stash (Louis XIII x Do-Si-Do) 💎🌱

This unique strain brings together dough, citrus, and a lime/chem undertone. Very potent and balanced; this strain is versatile and relaxing.

Come try this newest favorite in Hadley!

Always pushing higher 🤙 @heirloomthc

At Heirloom; we have dialed in our cultivation style in some very unique ways. 🌞🌳

Check out the 2nd tier of this split-Pipp room. HPS on top and LED on bottom. It has produced some very interesting results in this blended format.

We are constantly testing the progress of different applications; and seeing some impressive results! Try out the difference of craft-quality cannabis from @heirloomthc 🤙

Happy Thanksgiving from the @heirloomthc Family 🦃

We appreciate all of our customers, patients, and Retail Partners! 💚

Enjoy the festivities and be safe!

Check out the frost on this gorgeous bud of Citral Glue 💎🔥 Citral Skunk x Original Glue from @ethoscolin

Pungent, uplifting, & packed with notes of citrus & diesel. 🍊⛽️

Come grab this new Heirloom favorite as a jar, pre-roll, or concentrate in Hadley or at our many excellent Retail Partners.

Stay lifted 🤙 @heirloomthc

Coming this Thursday to Heirloom in Hadley!

Orange Kush Cake is a new strain added to our deck 🍊

Bringing together (Wedding Cake x Jilly Bean x Triangle Kush) with Mandarin Cookies; Ethos has made a real gem 💎

Known for its rarity; this complex terp profile of orange, earthy chem, richness gives a balanced effect. Heavy-hitting and relaxing; a great strain to wind down with.

See you on Thursday! 🤙 @heirloomthc

The Heirloom Family would like to extend our deepest gratitude for all who serve this great country.

You are the beacon and symbol of true sacrifice; and we owe our success to your sacrifice.

All Veteran Medical Patients get 40% off their total order today. We will be launching a special Veterans Program for Medical Patients this month. Our appreciation of you is everyday, not just today.

We are indebted to your contributions 🇺🇸 @heirloomthc

Come see us today at the Resinate Farmer's Market! Special strains and offerings, plus a chance to meet our team!

Goes all day! @resinatema