The careful selection of strains grown in our state-of-the-art cultivation facility ensure that you experience the benefits of true craft cannabis.

About The Heirloom Collective

At The Heirloom Collective, we seek to cultivate and offer the best quality products to our patients and customers. In our pursuit, we focus on the important fundamentals of plant health, transparency of method, and excellent customer/client service.

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Kitchen Sink

The Heirloom Collective
THC 32.7%

100mg Heirloom Cubes
(House Blend)

The Heirloom Collective
THC 88mg

Gpen Gio Vape Pods

The Heirloom Collective
THC 67.2%

New Product Drop and Raffle!

Meet the Fernway Strain Collection; new flavors from @fernway that are all infused with cannabis-derived terpenes 💎

Blue Mirage, Tahoe OG, Bay Dream, and Red Headed Stranger comprise and excellent array of flavors and effects.

Today through Sunday; get a raffle entry with the purchase of 1 or more Fernway Strain Collection carts! Win an AMAZING swagbag from our good friends at Fernway!

Always taking you higher 🤙 @heirloomthc

Just some Blue Steel saying hello! 👋🌱

Our cultivation process is all about plant health from start to finish. Care and individualized treatment delivers the best possible product directly to you.

Come scoop some in Hadley or at one of our many Retail Partners around the state!

Onward and upward 🤙 @heirloomthc

More Heirloom 🔥 sugar getting dropped every day 🤙

Quality input, terpene preservation and refined selections 💎

Come on by or check out the Retail Partner listing on our new website! @heirloomthc

The crystals on this sugar >>>

Happy 7/10! How are you celebrating?? Come by and get some sugar from Heirloom; we start with our incredible input material, optimizing the highlights of each strain we grow to preserve terpenes and deliver the best sugar possible. We use cold temperature PHO extraction and prioritize quality always!

The result? Consistent, quality results that you can depend on for all of your cannabis needs. Enter into a Gpen Roam raffle with your purchase ⭐️

Happy 4th of July from the entire Heirloom Family! 🇺🇸

We will be closing at 2pm today; and back open tomorrow for regular business hours!

Celebrate your independence with Heirloom! 🌱🇺🇸

Brighten up your day with Sherb Valley ☀️🍬

This strain is a cross between Valley OG and Sunset Sherbet with a fantastic terpene profile that has made it one of the most popular strains that we are putting out. Sherb Valley makes a bad day good and a good day even better! Slightly reminiscent of Zour; this strain has a broad sweetness and hints of berry that make the finish tangy and smooth.

With a nice blend of Limonene and Linalool/Myrcene; it's flavor actually comes through with a touch of sherbert. Sherb Valley is very balanced and offers uplifting cerebral elements with a relaxing calm that doesnn't inhibit your focus. Try some today!

Heirloom Cubes are now available in effect based, seasonal, and micro cubes in addition to our Originals and Sours! 🍬

For effects, you can aim for Sleep or Energy with cubes containing melatonin and essential oils or green tea and vitamin b, respectively. Our seasonal cubes are Pink Lemonade to beat the summer heat and our Micro Cubes have four fruity flavors and are dosed at 2.5 mg instead of 5!

All of our gummies are made with the highest quality ingredients and all-natural non-GMO colors and flavorings; providing a clean, deliciously effective product. Try all of the Heirloom Cube options and let us know your favorite!