The Heirloom Collective Tinctures

Cannabis Cultivation located in Massachusetts

At Heirloom; our goal is to bring forth the best expression of our diverse deck of genetics. Pulling from breeders like Ethos, Cannarado, Archive Seeds, & Eficianado. We look for rare genetics that have robust and unique terpene spectrums. Our cultivation process is designed to produce incredible quality flowers only using methods that preserve and protect the plant’s optimal environment; without the use of pesticides or fungicides. Our focus on climate control, optimal feeding regimens of high-quality nutrient input, and use of beneficial microbes to boost plant performance bring out the best in each one of our strains.

Our flower is properly cured and handled from start to finish. Using our Gently Grown philosophy, we carefully select our buds to be put in each Heirloom Jar. With next generation packaging, we deploy a freshness seal to make sure the flower gets to you with optimal hydration. Before being packaged, our proprietary curing process allows the terpenes to mature and be brought out, without over-drying the product. This ensure that you have a wonderful experience in every jar.

With the careful selection and refinement of the best phenotypes by strain, we are able to create consistent and incredible results. Each one of our strains is constantly put through a development process that makes each batch better than the previous.