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Shake trim

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Select Heirloom Collective 1/8ths on sale for only $25!

Gummy of the Week $10!

Select Heirloom Collective pre rolls on sale for $5!

Gio Pod Pricing:

Distillate Pods for $45

Sauce Pods for $50

Heirloom Collective Chocolate Bars

2 for $20

**Updated Pricing Tiers**

Mix and Match!

1 Pre-roll for $10, 5 for $45, 10 for $80 (non Heirloom pre-rolls excluded)

1/8th of flower for $50, 1/2oz for $180, 1oz for $350

1 gram of Heirloom concentrate for $50, 4 grams for $175 (LIVE sugars excluded)

Levia Infused Seltzer 4 for $20

Rev Clinics Quarter and Ounce Pricing *(Not Including Mile 62 Products)

$30 an 1/8th, $100 a 1/2oz,

Tiered pricing only applies to Heirloom Products unless otherwise stated and will be applied at checkout in the store


Get 1 free pre-roll for every half ounce on select $25 1/8ths!

Get 2 free pre-rolls or 1 package of Heirloom Cubes with every half ounce of Heirloom flower you buy!

First time medical patients will receive 15% off their first purchase. Patients under financial hardship will receive 10% off daily. Veterans receive 20% off and RMD agents receive 15% off. Discounts may not be stacked.

Orders must be picked up same day

We accept cash and debit. We cannot accept credit cards.

Debit fees:

Debit transactions are processed as a cashless ATM and have a $4 convenience fee. We also have an ATM on site with a $300 limit per transaction and $2.50 fee