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We’re InHouse – and we pride ourselves on offering a variety of high-quality cannabis products that are highly enjoyable for everyone. Whether you’re a cannabis newcomer or a seasoned expert, we’ve got you covered with hand-grown flower, tasty vapes in flavors and strains, and all-natural fast-acting gummies. Customize your experience with InHouse and enjoy our quality cannabis – From our house to yours. Cheers!

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Focus and energize your day with Vibations: Advanced Hydration. Our great-tasting cannabis + electrolyte drink mix is infused with fast-acting, full-spectrum cannabis, optimized cannabinoids, and natural ingredients so you can vibe your way to your best. We’ve harnessed the power of Advanced Hydration from a blend of replenishing electrolytes with mixes now available for Focus + Energy (with caffeine or THCV) and for Sleep (with CBN).

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Nature’s Heritage

Curating an archive of genetics from around the world, we cultivate unique strains of cannabis that capture the finest elements of the plant. We care for our plants like Mother Nature would, never cutting corners. Explore the fine lineages of Nature’s Heritage.

Look into Nature. Honor your Heritage. Trust in Trees.

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Mello Cannabis

Mello Farms is a hybrid greenhouse cultivation facility, in Amesbury, Massachusetts with an adult use dispensary in Haverhill, MA
Our flower comes from carefully selected genetics, pheno hunted for the best of the best at our Mello Farms cultivation.

Our unique facility is indoors, for maximum climate control, with a clear see-thru roof for drenching our flowers with natural sunlight. Together with our experienced growers using artisan techniques for growing top-shelf cannabis, we think you will see, smell, and enjoy the benefits of our cultivated varieties of cannabis.

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Rev Farms

Nestled in Central Mass you’ll find Rev Clinic’s grow, home to some of the most beloved cannabis in the commonwealth. Tended by our team of expert growers through all stages of cultivation, Rev’s plants get the care and support they need to flourish into the premium buds you know and enjoy.

Rev Farms includes fresh flower sourced from select partners as well as our own house flower; grown in a state-of-the-art production facility with passion and supported with environmental controls, tried and true agricultural techniques, and sustainable growing practices. Our diverse stable of strains includes patient favorites, up and coming strains, breeder’s cut tissue culture varieties as well as winners from rounds of pheno-hunting.

The idyllic farm scene artwork featured on our bags is inspired by the grassroots connection that defines our passionate Grow Team. With decades of combined traditional cannabis cultivation experience, we honor their dedication and labor of love to this magical plant.

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Tyson 2.0

Tyson 2.0 is a premier cannabis company formed with legendary boxer, entrepreneur and icon Mike Tyson. The company’s mission is to produce innovative, high-quality cannabis products known for purity, precision, and wide accessibility. Providing consumers an outstanding selection of products, Tyson 2.0 is an extraordinary balance of premium and affordable, full-spectrum cannabis flower, concentrates, and consumables available at retailers nationwide.

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