The Heirloom Collective Vaporizers

Cannabis Cultivation located in Massachusetts

When it comes to vaping, we have partnered with the best company in the business. Our partnership with Grenco brings their years of experience and innovation to the table. The Gpen Gio is the ultimate vaping experience for anyone looking for robust effects and a smooth experience. A wickless ceramic coil ensures full flavor, no contact to metal, and no dry hits. Working with Grenco, we have rolled this product out at 12 different retailers around the state.

We designed two product lines currently released in the market. A botanical option allows us to perfectly blend our Heirloom distillate with a variety of top-quality terpenes, it also allows for new and interesting flavors that might not be found in our strains. In addition, we release and all-cannabis, strain-specific SAUCE line that we make entirely in-house. Using careful extraction, we create high-terpene extracts from the strains you know and love. With our proprietary blending process, we are able to bring an amazing vape pod to you that does true justice to the Heirloom strains you already know and love!

The performance of the Gio device is incredible. Must be tried to be believed. With an affordable, durable battery, this is a function forward vape device that will be taking over the MA-market each day! Keep posted to our dispensary menu for all of our new strain drops!