The Heirloom Collective Extracts

Cannabis Cultivation located in Massachusetts

Our Heirloom Sugar is an incredible way to enjoy the essence of any Heirloom strain. Using a blend of butane and propane, we are able to keep temperatures ice-cold for optimal terpene preservation. Properly dewaxed, what is in each jar is a gorgeous blend of terpenes and cannabinoids that has the consistency of honey and coarse salt. Easy to handle and great for any purpose. Always spices up a nicely rolled pre-roll at home.

We carefully prepare our product after extraction to avoid any terpene loss. All strain-specific, our concentrate lines give a potent experience of each strain. Truly doing justice to the terpene ratio, our concentrates are excellent for people looking to target their effects.

Look for more solventless options and Fresh-Frozen concentrates to be hitting the market from Heirloom soon. We are also developing our solventless lines to be released at our Hadley Dispensary in the near future.