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Zour Apple 1g Diamonds in Sauce

Sativa hybrid THC: 84.9% TAC: 86.1%


Photo of Zour Apple 1g Diamonds in Sauce

Ethos Genetics (Jack Herer x Ethos Glue)

Zour Apple is a bright, zingy strain from Ethos with fresh sharp smells and strong flavor. Her dominant terpene is terpinolene, which is found in the Haze family, as well as in Lilac, Nutmeg, and Apples, and she is a cross of Jack Herer x Ethos Glue. She smells like lemons, limes, fresh green apples and fresh ground black peppercorns. Her effects are strong and stimulating. High in THC and presenting abundant diverse terpenes, this strain is a standout. She has clarifying, uplifting effects and can be used for mood balancing, to combat fatigue, and to engage a productive, creative mindset.

Diamonds are a form of concentrate that have a crystalline structure and tend to be high in THC-a. Diamonds focus on the separation of cannabinoids and terpenes so consumers are left with nearly pure THC. Diamonds can be sold as an isolated product or can be mixed in with terpene “sauce”.

Photo of Zour Apple 1g Diamonds in Sauce