The Heirloom Collective

The Handyman 1g Budder

Hybrid THC: 72.2% CBD: 0.36%


Photo of The Handyman 1g Budder

Covert Genetics (LeeRoy x [Chem D x I95])

The Handyman is a gassy, acrid strain that blends qualities of the OG and Chem lineages into a nice package of lime green, sharply rotten smelling buds. High in Limonene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene, Handyman is a strong smoke, potent and relieving. The aromas and flavors will be similar to the classic southern California OG strains. This Handyman is strong, reliable and dynamic.

Budder, also known as budder wax, is a solvent-based concentrate. Budder is amber/yellowish in color and closely resembles regular butter in texture. First, the cannabis is soaked in a solvent, such as butane, alcohol, or even water. CO2 extraction may also be used to pull out the cannabinoids and terpenes. The extract is then agitated and heated to about 100 degrees and then further purged using pressure and heat. The end result is the light, airy wax known as budder.

Photo of The Handyman 1g Budder