Purple Thai 1g Live Icewax SAUS

Hybrid THC: 72%


Photo of Purple Thai 1g Live Icewax SAUS

Haze x Chocolate Thai

Purple Thai offers energetic and uplifting effects with a potential focus. The sweet and spicy flavor profile contributes to its unique characteristics.

Artistry in a jar. Filled with the purest, most pristine trichome heads of the finest cannabis we cultivate – extracted fully by hand. Reminiscent of a light-tan, nearly white sand glistening in the sun. Each grain is a resin-filled gland, representing the pinnacle of cannabis extraction and terpene enjoyment. Regarded as the highest-quality extract in the world. Made by hand-paddling fresh frozen buds in a vat of ice water to fully separate the trichome heads from the plant.

Dabbing will yield the best experience. And although you can use it as a “bowl topper”, we strongly – STRONGLY recommend you don’t. Full Melt 6-Star Icewax is meant to be enjoyed all on its own.

Photo of Purple Thai 1g Live Icewax SAUS