The Heirloom Collective

Mana 1g Diamonds in Sauce

Hybrid THC: 77.5%


Photo of Mana 1g Diamonds in Sauce

Genetic Designer (GMO x Miles A Head)

Only 105 seeds were released to the public from the Mana line, which crossed GMO x Miles A Head and the result is a very potent, very stinky strain that checks all the boxes. She is covered in sticky trichomes, reeks of onions and rubber, hits hard, and carries enveloping, pain and stress reducing effects. The buds are bright green to white in appearance from the volume of the resin. For the gas lovers and those looking for more potent strains, you’ll not want to miss this magical strain.

Diamonds are a form of concentrate that have a crystalline structure and tend to be high in THC-a. Diamonds focus on the separation of cannabinoids and terpenes so consumers are left with nearly pure THC. Diamonds can be sold as an isolated product or can be mixed in with terpene “sauce”.

Photo of Mana 1g Diamonds in Sauce