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Kitchen Sink 1g Sugar The Heirloom Collective

Indica THC: 93.5% CBD: 0.2%


Photo of Kitchen Sink 1g Sugar The Heirloom Collective

Cannarado Genetics (GMO x Sundae Driver)

Kitchen Sink from Cannarado is one of Heirloom’s staple strains and is an example of the quality that we strive for. Kitchen Sink frequently tests near 34% THC and 3.5% terpenes, and it contains an abundant diversity of terpene expression. It contains equally high myrcene and limonene and presents high caryophyllene and a dozen other terpenes in smaller amounts that make for a complex smoke. The gassiness and mintiness from the GMO combine with the Fruity Pebbles OG side of Sundae Driver for an extremely potent and useful strain. Kitchen Sink is strong and reliable.

Our Heirloom Sugar is an incredible way to enjoy the essence of any Heirloom strain. Using a blend of butane and propane, we are able to keep temperatures ice-cold for optimal terpene preservation. Properly dewaxed, what is in each jar is a gorgeous blend of terpenes and cannabinoids that has the consistency of honey and coarse salt. Sugar is one of the many textures available when producing concentrates made from cannabis extract. The solvents used for making sugar and other concentrates include butane, propane, ethanol, and supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2). The temperatures and pressure used in the process are lower to encourage THC and CBD crystallization without damaging the terpenes.

Photo of Kitchen Sink 1g Sugar The Heirloom Collective