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Honey Dabber III

Photo of Honey Dabber III

The long awaited HoneyDabber 3 is finally here! The same great straw you’ve come to love now has a removable water percolator to take your experience to the next level!

Built to be durable and ready to go on any adventure, the HoneyDabber 3 much like the HoneyDabber II, is a work horse ready to be your daily driver and deliver an exceptional experience each and every time!

Made with Cherry!

Our HoneyDabbers are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a more durable concentrate straw for on the go. From the city slicker to the mountaineer our HoneyDabbers are built to go where you go!

Made from locally sourced Northeastern American lumber, laser engraved, and sealed with all natural boiled linseed oil.

The only concentrate straw that can be put away hot! Made possible by a Patented design that uses a removable heat resistant sleeve to protect the user and their surroundings from the hot tip after each use!

Fully replaceable tips and the option to go with quartz or titanium make the HoneyDabber a no brainer!

Photo of Honey Dabber III