The Heirloom Collective

City Lights 1g LIVE Sugar

Hybrid THC: 94.3% CBD: 0.16%


Photo of City Lights 1g LIVE Sugar

Yellow Cab, Opera, Samadhi, & Slap N Tickle

Live Sugar is a grainy textured collection of crystals harvested from fresh then frozen cannabis delivering full-flavored, full body effects. The highly potent hydrocarbon extraction process allows the concentrate to preserve the high terpene profiles of their strain and the texture makes it easier to use for vaporizing dabs. It’s not sweet, but live sugar is a delightful form of live resin. Live sugar has the consistency of thick sugar bits in honey, hence its name. It’s an amber-colored goo that results from a unique way of processing cannabis plants: alive.

Photo of City Lights 1g LIVE Sugar