El Blunto

Berry Blonde Perignon 1g Pre-roll La Rosa

Sativa THC: 30.4%


Photo of Berry Blonde Perignon 1g Pre-roll La Rosa

Strawberry Haze x Tangie

Berry Blonde Perignon (S) is a proprietary and award-winning strain from Albert Einstone’s. It is a heavy Sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Tangie and Strawberry Haze. Berry Blonde Perignon produces euphoric and relaxed effects. It has a refreshing berry and tangerine aroma.

The El Blunto La Rosa is as beautiful as it is delicious! These 1 gram singles are creatively designed to resemble a lovely floret and are packed with the highest quality indoor flower on the market. These blooming blunts are great for birthdays, anniversaries and thank you gifts! Contains 1 gram of top shelf indoor flower, broken down by hand, wrapped in beautifully cured rose petals, and packaged in a re-sealable glass tube.

Rolled up and ready to smoke, pre-rolls are a convenient and effective way to consume cannabis. Pre-rolls come in many different forms and can be rolled with flower, shake, or “b-buds”. They can be infused with concentrates and more.

Photo of Berry Blonde Perignon 1g Pre-roll La Rosa