007 .5g Live Hash Rosin Vape Treeworks

Sativa THC: 80.3%


Photo of 007 .5g Live Hash Rosin Vape Treeworks

Lineage: Lemon Tree x White OG

Breeder: Swamp Boy Seeds

Classification: Sativa

Super sweet lemon head candy profile with a gassy skunk finish. Very uplifting head high and perfect for the daytime.

Rosin is one of the only cannabis extracts made without harsh chemicals, such as butane or ethanol. No traces of chemicals, ever. Unlike harsher extraction methods used by other brands – which result in the loss of many beneficial properties of cannabis – our process delicately preserves those essential medicinal compounds so that they remain in our final products, allowing you to experience the real Entourage Effect. Live Rosin is extracted while the plant is still green, fresh and alive. This allows our consumers to ingest a product that is still wholesomely fresh, alive and containing maximum flavors and health benefits. Our commitment to premium quality doesn’t stop at the strain. From the sustainable packaging, to the ceramic coil and all-glass reservoir, Treeworks delivers a complete and ultra-luxurious solventless live rosin experience.

Photo of 007 .5g Live Hash Rosin Vape Treeworks