Discover the Magic of Manifestation: The Heirloom Collective’s Latest Masterpiece 

The Heirloom Collective stands at the forefront of cannabis innovation and quality, bringing to market strains which captivate the senses with profound and lasting experiences. Continuing this tradition, we proudly introduce Manifestation, a rare gem meticulously developed by our friends at Genetic Designer. This exquisite strain emerges from a prestigious lineage that marries Tahoe OG with OM, producing a potent aromatic powerhouse. 

The Genesis of Manifestation

Manifestation is bred from stellar lineage, her ancestry features the legendary Wounded Warrior Cut of Tahoe OG, Grape Stomper, Mendo Breath, and Triangle Kush. This impressive background culminated in a strain which carries forward the legacy of her ancestors, while introducing a fresh, vibrant twist which appeals to both seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Manifested into reality by the renowned team at Genetic Designer, Manifestation is a testament to genetic precision and passion; crafted by The Heirloom Collective in limited batches to ensure unparalleled quality and uniqueness. 

A Universe of Tastes, Smells and Colors 

When you first open a jar of Manifestation the air fills with the robust essence of an evergreen forest, immediately whisking you away to serene, untouched wilderness. Layered upon this fresh earthy base are striking notes of lemon and a unique, invigorating scent of diesel-soaked flaming coffee trees. This complex bouquet of aromas makes Manifestation not just a strain, but a sensory journey that tantalizes and intrigues your olfactory senses with every inhalation.

The terpene profile of Manifestation is as rich as it is diverse, dominated by limonene, pinene, ocimene, and myrcene, with notable levels of several other major terpenes. This combination results in a terpene profile bursting with flavors which promise not just potency but purity as well. Manifestation’s deep luscious greens and hints of light purple reflect her prestigious heritage, inviting users to crack open her mouth-watering nugs to explore further. Manifestation’s visual appeal is more than just a show, it’s a prelude to the robust and satisfying effects that await with each toke. 

Experience the Full Spectrum of Manifestation 

Manifestation delights the senses with a well-rounded, full-spectrum experience that caters to a wide variety of needs and preferences. Users report a profound, all-encompassing high that engulfs the mind and body, providing relief and relaxation without overwhelming sedation. These expected effects make Manifestation ideal for those seeking a potent remedy to stress, pain, or simply looking for a way to elevate daily existence. The marriage of Manifestation’s high TAC with her diverse terpene profile ensures that each experience is effective, uniquely satisfying, and memorable. 

Why Choose Manifestation? 

There are a multitude of fantastic reasons to try Manifestation! Manifestation is a fresh new offering from The Heirloom Collective meticulously workshopped to provide exceptional quality and a rich distinctive experience. From Manifestation’s complex aroma which hints at her bevy of potent effects, to her stunning visual aesthetic and her diverse terpene profile enhanced by her TAC, Manifestation has something to impress and inspire everyone!  


Manifestation delivers a potent, full-bodied experience which is balanced and enriching, suitable for both reflective solitude and social gatherings. Manifestation is more than just a cannabis strain; she is the culmination of heritage, craftsmanship, and innovation. As with all Heirloom Collective strains, quantities are limited due to the meticulous care and extensive quality control we invest in each batch, so don’t miss the opportunity to explore the unique qualities of Manifestation today! Manifest the new, manifest the exceptional, embrace Manifestation from The Heirloom Collective to elevate your cannabis experience to new heights.